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3 steps to stop haters from stealing your PEACE!

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Did you ever experience hate from a family member, close friend or colleague that caused you to lose sleep?

Well, I have. My initial response was to tell myself to accept it and get over it. But the truth is, when it is someone you love or value, it is not easy to just ditch the feeling.

My haters have caused me to lose sleep and even seep into depression. It was starting to affect my business and family life negatively. I knew I had to get this feeling under control before it overtook me completely!

I decided to" TAKE ACTION" and fight to keep my sanity. After prayer and meditation I came up with 3 simple steps that released me from the power my hater had over me. AND NOW I am going to share them with you!


You probably heard the old saying, kill your enemies with kindness.

This is exactly where I started. I let my hater know that I did not have any ill feelings toward him and in fact, loved him.

Now I am not suggesting that you say all of that unless you really feel that way but I will encourage you to start off by being cordial. Start with a pleasant greeting such as good morning or a simple smile if or when you see the person.

In my case, the person lived several states away so the person was not in my face. My approach was to text and express my love and my desire to understand why he was distancing himself from me.

How did I feel after being so kind?

I felt relieved. It took a lot of me to state how I felt and honestly, I was left vulnerable to what he might say that could have hurt me. Yet, I decided to be brave, be kind and try to start a conversation to get our feelings out so we can start to heal.

STEP 2: Assess the response to your kind behavior

It’s important to assess if your kind behavior was effective. Did your hater say good morning back? Has the hate turned into cordial hellos and goodbyes? Is all forgiven? If the answer is yes, then congratulations you have silenced this very easily.

My story though did not get easily resolved after step 1.


My hater's response was not very good. My hater said more hateful things after I approached him with love and kindness. I can safely say, he did not react positively to my kindness.


I felt so much better. I knew that I did my best to try to mend our relationship and even though he did not want to try, I was FREE! I did not have to live with the guilt of never trying to mend our relationship. BUT it was time for me to live knowing that someone I love is going to hate me without me ever knowing why.

I was on my way to healing but STEP 3 was a must do in order for me to be completely free of the effects of the hater's hate. So now I offer my last and final step to your path to peace.



You may be wondering why couldn't we start here in the first place. Well the truth is, letting go of the pain is so much easier when you have taken the time to go though steps 1 and 2.

I chose to pray for the hater and wish them well. I then shifted my attention to improving myself and my mental well being. I remembered the power of prayer and meditation. I chose to meditate on things I was grateful for. I surrounded myself around positive people who genuinely loved me.

After doing this, it was not hard at all to RELEASE the power of the hater and replace it with it an atmosphere of love.

The effect of the hate was no longer relevant and I was able to live with PEACE!


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